Brake calipers – Bosch eXchange

  • Product information

    Bosch eXchange: “Present value” brake repairs

    With around 1,200 products and Bosch expertise in development and original equipment, Bosch eXchange is the “present value” alternative to new brake calipers. With market coverage of 93% you will have a solution for virtually every customer.

    Professionally reworked – replacement brake calipers from Bosch

    The original Bosch workshop exchange guarantees top quality: After the individual components have been disassembled and cleaned, all wearing parts are completely replaced. A full functional test ensures that they operate properly. This is done using the same quality assurance systems, test benches and test specifications that are used for original equipment. Moreover, the warranties that apply are the same as those for new products.

    • In-house production in Göttingen: Knowledge and production expertise for repaired parts

    • Quality, warranty and performance as for new products

    • For 93% of all vehicles

    • Quick, safe and clean processing

    • Conserving resources through savings on energy and materials